Barefoot Leaf

Half Moon Fort, Sherman Hall Moon Fort, Clinketts, Barbados
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Nestled in the fishing village of Half Moon Fort on the northwest coast of Barbados, Barefoot Leaf is a highly sustainable beachfront home with access to a beautiful, secluded beach and some of the best sunset views on the island.

With an aim to tread lightly on the planet and promote a responsible and simple approach to modern living, our little dream home was shaped by three key elements of the island – the Sun, the wind, and the people of Barbados.

The promise of warm sunshine is what drew us to Barbados. The sun’s reflection on the clouds each morning at sunrise and the spectacular sunsets of a west coast each evening combine to set the rhythm of each day. While capturing the stunning sun-drenched ocean views was a key design aspiration of the home, so too was capturing the power of the sun, literally. The photovoltaic system at Barefoot Leaf provides ample power for the home’s operation. In fact, it typically produces surplus power which is fed back into the grid providing the community with additional power from a sustainable and renewable source.
As is the sun, the wind in Barbados is ever-present. Typically blowing east to west, the trade winds temper the sun’s blistering heat with a refreshing breeze. Each room at Barefoot Leaf is designed to capture a cross breeze through the space as the home’s primary source of cooling. The sound of the wind, as well as the waves, are a constant reminder that you are on Barbados’ beachfront as opposed to in a tightly sealed mechanically ventilated and conditioned home that could exist in any location on the globe.

While the promise of warm sunshine drew us to Barbados the warmth of the people is what keeps us coming back. Their warmth and friendliness are closely rivalled by their resourcefulness and creativity. Leveraging ‘local’ celebrates the local ingenuity, artisans, craftspeople, and materials of Barbados. It also reduces our carbon footprint by avoiding the significant effect of shipping items from around the globe to the island.

Barbados shaped Barfoot Leaf. Barefoot Leaf will shape your experience of Barbados. The sights, the sounds, the sun’s heat, the refuge of the shade, the breeze, the sound of the sea, the sounds of the neighbouring church on Sunday, and the clacking and banging of a dominoes game at the neighbouring fish market will all combine to be part of your experience. The hope is that you will not simply visit Barbados but rather, at least for a brief time, experience living in Barbados.


Apr 15th 2023 – Dec 14th 2023 (min. 5 nights) US $695.00 per night

Dec 15th 2023 – 19th Dec 2023 (min. 7 nights) US $ 895.00 per night

Dec 20th 2023 – Jan 10th 2024 (min. 14 nights) US $ 1,100.00 per night

Jan 11th 2024 – Apr 14th 2024 (min. 7 nights) US $ 895.00 per night

Apr 15th 2024 – Dec 14th 2024 (min. 5 nights) US $ 695.00 per night

Dec 15th 2024 – Dec 19th 2024 (min. 7 nights) US $ 895.00 per night

Dec 20th 2024 – Jan 10th 2025 (min. 14 nights) US $ 1,100.00 per night

Jan 11th 2025 – Apr 14th 2025 (min. 7 nights) US $ 895.00 per night


Rental Rates are subject to a 10% Shared Economy Levy and a 1.5% service fee.

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  • Address Half Moon Fort, Sherman Hall Moon Fort, Clinketts, Barbados
  • City Clinketts
  • State/county Saint Peter
  • Country Barbados

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