Luxury Private Islands for Sale in the Caribbean

private islands for sale in the Caribbean with blue water, white sand and a small green hill

The dream of owning an exclusive retreat amidst turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches is closer than you think. Imagine complete seclusion, breathtaking sunsets, and the serene sound of waves — this is what owning a private island in the Caribbean offers. As the leading experts in luxury Caribbean real estate, One Caribbean Estates is your gateway to finding the perfect private islands for sale in the Caribbean.

The Allure of Private Caribbean Islands

Private islands in the Caribbean are synonymous with opulence and tranquility. These islands offer plenty of room for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and those seeking a private island retreat. With properties ranging from the dramatic to the lush and peaceful, there’s an island paradise waiting for you.

Exclusive Listings of Private Islands

One Caribbean Estates proudly presents an array of private islands for sale. Whether you are drawn to the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or the Bahamian Islands, our portfolio includes some of the most sought-after properties. Among these are Whale Cay, White Island and North Pimlico Island – North Eleuthera, known for their beautiful beaches and fertile soil, perfect for those looking to create their own personal use sanctuary.

Luxurious Amenities and Features

Our private islands offer unparalleled amenities designed for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Imagine hosting private gatherings at your beach club, enjoying a relaxing massage, or having a private chef prepare your meals. Everything is possible when your purchase a private Caribbean island.

Easy Access and Seclusion

Despite their remote locations, these islands boast easy access, whether by boat, runway or private helipad. Many properties feature a natural harbour, deep water access, and even a boat lift. The proximity to international locations like New York and the United Kingdom makes these islands an ideal retreat while remaining within reach of major cities.

Investment and Ownership Benefits

Owning a private island is not just about luxury; it’s also a sound investment. The real estate transactions involved in acquiring a private island can provide significant capital gains. Whether you’re considering a freehold island or a leasehold, our team will guide you through the process, including securing government approval and understanding the total shipping cost for any imported items.

Explore the Possibilities

Among our listings, you will find islands with pristine white sand beaches, coconut palms, and lush tropical foliage. Properties like Whale Cay offer main houses, guest houses, and acres of land to explore. For those who value sustainability, options with solar panels and fertile soil for agriculture are available.

Personalised Experiences Await

Imagine immersing yourself in the unparalleled luxury and bespoke experiences that come with owning a private island in the Caribbean. At One Caribbean Estates, we believe in making your journey to island ownership as extraordinary as the destination itself.

Incredible Resort Stays

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, embark on you purchasing journey with a stay at some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious resorts. Picture yourself waking up to the gentle sound of waves and the warmth of the Caribbean sun in a lavish beachfront villa. Indulge in world-class amenities, from relaxing massages at the spa to gourmet dining experiences curated by top chefs. These stays are not just about relaxation; they allow you to experience the epitome of island living, setting the stage for what’s to come with your own exclusive private island.

Adventure and Exploration

For those with a spirit of adventure, the Caribbean Sea offers endless opportunities. Embark on thrilling fishing trips where the crystal-clear waters teem with marine life. Imagine the excitement of reeling in the catch of the day, from vibrant mahi-mahi to robust marlins. These excursions are more than just fishing trips; they are immersive experiences where you can explore the hidden gems of the Caribbean waters, guided by expert locals who know the best spots.

Culinary Delights and Local Culture

Your journey doesn’t stop at thrilling adventures. Engage with the rich local culture and savour the culinary delights of the region. Enjoy private dinners on pristine white sand beaches, prepared by a private chef who sources fresh, local ingredients. Each meal becomes a memorable event, whether you’re indulging in Caribbean lobster under the stars of your private beach or enjoying a casual lunch of the catch of the day, paired with tropical fruits and refreshing cocktails.

Exclusive Activities and Amenities

The personalised experiences extend to the amenities and activities available on your private island. Enjoy water sports such as snorkelling, diving, and paddle-boarding in the turquoise waters surrounding your property. Explore lush vegetation on guided nature walks, or take a minute boat ride to nearby islands for a change of scenery. For the ultimate in luxury, your island might include a private helipad for seamless travel, a natural harbour for your yacht, and even a golf course for leisurely afternoons.

Custom-Tailored Service

Throughout your journey, you will benefit from our bespoke services, ensuring your needs are met. From organising private gatherings and special events to managing day-to-day logistics, our team is there to provide a seamless experience. We understand that every client is unique, and we strive to tailor our services to your specific desires and lifestyle.

Engage with the Local Community

Part of the charm of owning a private island in the Caribbean is the opportunity to engage with the vibrant local communities. Participate in local festivals, support artisanal crafts, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the island nations. These interactions enrich your island ownership experience, creating a deep connection with the culture and people of the Caribbean.

Make Your Dream a Reality

At One Caribbean Estates, we believe in turning your dream of owning a private island into reality. Contact us today to explore the private islands for sale in the Caribbean and find your perfect island paradise. With our expert guidance, you will soon be the new owner of a luxury retreat where you can create unforgettable memories.

Property Spotlight: Whale Cay – A Premier Private Island for Sale in the Bahamas

a beach hut on a white Caribbean sand beach, own exclusive private island Whale Cay
Whale Cay, Bahamas – US $29,000,000

One Caribbean Estates proudly presents Whale Cay, an extraordinary private island for sale in the Bahamas. Spanning 711 acres of pristine landscapes, this idyllic retreat offers an unparalleled opportunity for exclusive residential development, with approximately 644 acres still available for acquisition.


Whale Cay is located in the central Northern Bahamas between the Bahama Banks and the Tongue of the Ocean. This island is a coveted destination for fishing and boating enthusiasts, boasting exceptional proximity to Florida and just 30 miles north of Nassau. Whale Cay is easily accessible by boat, seaplane, or the 4,000-foot airstrip. Chub Cay, only 6.5 miles to the west, serves as the main port of entry with customs, immigration, marina facilities, restaurants, fuel, and supplies.


Whale Cay’s northern side features a 2.5-mile natural waterway, 25 feet wide and 1.5 to 4 feet deep at mean tide, offering an excellent opportunity for dredging to create anchorage and marina facilities. The open ends ensure constant water movement, enhancing maritime possibilities.

Residential Development Opportunities

Whale Cay is divided into two phases for residential development:

  • Phase 1: Along the southern coastline, this phase features a meticulously plotted and surveyed subdivision comprising 155 lots, most with one-acre sizes and ocean frontage. Developed in the mid-seventies, 55 lots have been sold, with some showcasing single-family residences.
  • Phase 2: Encompassing the remaining 644 acres, offering vast potential for new residential developments.

Historical Significance and Existing Structures

The island features several notable buildings constructed by English writer Marion Carstairs between the 1930s and 1970s, including The Great House, Guest Cottage, Music Room, Staff Dormitory, Museum, island chapel, and lighthouse. While many structures need restoration, they offer unique opportunities for blending historic charm with modern luxury.

Modern Amenities and Infrastructure

Whale Cay is equipped with private diesel generators providing electricity to the Great House and surrounding buildings. Each structure has its rainwater catchment cistern, totalling 800,000 gallons across 42 tanks. Well water is available, and private septic tanks manage sewerage disposal. Communication is through satellite or cellular phones, with much of the infrastructure needing updates.

Whale Cay invites visionaries and discerning investors to shape this tropical paradise into an unparalleled residential resort and marina enclave, combining natural beauty, historic charm, and modern luxury.

Property Spotlight: White Island – A Private Island for Sale in Grenada

Image of private Caribbean islands, White Island
White Island, Grenada – US $4,950,000

One Caribbean Estates proudly presents White Island, the ideal private island for sale in Grenada, perfect for discerning buyers seeking an unparalleled paradise. At 10 acres in size, this undiscovered gem is perfect for developing an ultra-luxurious boutique hotel or a magnificent private residence.


White Island boasts white powdery beaches, crystal-clear waters, and dramatic topography, resulting in untouchable beauty and a truly unique experience. The island’s breathtaking landscapes and serene environment create a tranquil haven that stands out even among the most exclusive Caribbean destinations.

Sheltered by other beautiful islands and coral reefs, White Island offers an idyllic setting for both relaxation and adventure. The surrounding coral reefs range in depth from 8 feet to 40 feet, providing natural protection and endless recreational opportunities. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler, diver, or simply enjoy the thrill of exploration, the underwater wonders around White Island promise unforgettable experiences.

A standout feature of White Island is its deep water channel, allowing super yachts to anchor just mere feet from its shores. This rare attribute enhances the island’s appeal, making it an exceptional choice for yacht owners and maritime enthusiasts who desire seamless access to their private retreat.

Development Potential

Imagine building your dream on this pristine island. For those envisioning an exclusive boutique hotel, White Island provides the perfect canvas to create a destination that exudes luxury and elegance. Each guest could revel in the island’s natural beauty, with private beachfront villas, world-class amenities, and unparalleled service.

Alternatively, for those seeking a private residence, this private island for sale in Grenada offers the ultimate in seclusion and luxury. Envision a stunning estate with expansive living spaces, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Every detail can be tailored to reflect your personal style and preferences, ensuring a home that is as unique as it is magnificent.


White Island’s potential extends beyond its physical attributes. Its strategic location in the Caribbean ensures ease of access, while its natural surroundings provide both protection and a sense of adventure. The island’s beauty, privacy, and exclusivity make it a rare find, perfect for those who seek the pinnacle of luxury living.

Property Spotlight: North Pimlico Island – A Premier Private Island for Sale in the Bahamas

birds eye view of private island North Eleuthera, North Pimlico Island
North Pimlico Island – North Eleuthera, Bahamas – US $1,995,000

One Caribbean Estates proudly presents North Pimlico, a magnificent island for sale in the Bahamas. Nestled in the Eleuthera Islands, renowned for their stunning pink sand beaches and top boutique hotels, North Pimlico offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Caribbean.


North Pimlico, an unspoiled freehold gem, is located just off Current Island at the northwest end of the Eleuthera crescent. This prime location provides both privacy and easy access to surrounding attractions.


With over three miles of water frontage, much of which offers sheltered deepwater access, North Pimlico is a rare find. The island boasts excellent elevations and panoramic views, making it an ideal location for either a private retreat or an exclusive island development.

  • Deepwater Access: The island’s extensive water frontage and deepwater access make it perfect for yachting enthusiasts.
  • Elevations and Views: Excellent elevations offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Caribbean Sea.


Access to North Pimlico is straightforward via the nearby North Eleuthera Airport, which offers regular direct flights to several cities in Florida and the southeastern United States. North Eleuthera also features a private FBO, providing visitors with easy flight access to Harbour Island and beyond.

Development Potential

North Pimlico is more than just an island for sale in the Bahamas; it is a canvas for creating a dream Caribbean lifestyle. Whether you envision developing a luxurious private estate or an exclusive resort, this island provides the perfect setting. Imagine waking up to panoramic ocean views, spending your days exploring the pristine waters, and evenings enjoying the tranquil beauty of your private paradise.

Nearby Attractions

The picturesque and historic town of Spanish Wells is just a 20-minute boat ride away. Known for its marinas, shops, and restaurants, Spanish Wells is one of the top fishing ports in the area, famous for its superb crawfish. A short distance further lies the famed Harbour Island, celebrated as one of the Caribbean’s top exclusive travel destinations. Harbour Island offers trendy hotels, pristine beaches, and a fantastic upscale dining scene.

Historical Significance

Both Spanish Wells and Harbour Island were settled by English Puritans from Bermuda in the mid-17th century and later became home to British Crown Loyalists fleeing the newly independent United States. The descendants of these early settlers still reside here, infusing both locations with distinctive Eleutheran character and charming New England-style architecture, enriched with vibrant Caribbean pastels.

North Pimlico invites visionaries and discerning investors to shape a tropical paradise into an unparalleled residential resort or private retreat, combining natural beauty, historic charm, and modern luxury.

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