Barbados Travel Guide

Famed for its fine pearlescent white beaches and warm azure waters, Barbados is the Caribbean island that has it all.


The birthplace of Rihanna and a favored playground for many who visit undisturbed and unhindered. For us, it is home and we know it well.


Historic estates, preserved over generations; beach side villas; modern living and natural settings sit upon 166 square miles – tucked away or with windows to the sea. Our menu is vast – and our clients impress us.

Slightly off the hurricane path, we are deemed ‘developed’. From cricket to golf, to polo and sailing – the island’s economy is also on the upswing and the investor welcome-mat has been laid out; there are no restrictions to purchases. We’ll make the introductions that make things happen and when you’re not
here we’ll represent you well. You’re invited to make yourselves as home – in our home; consider Barbados.

Top Five Reasons to Visit

01 Pristine Beaches

02 Diverse Natural Beauty & Wildlife

03 Warm and Welcoming Hospitality

04 Delicious Cuisine & Top Restaurants

05 World Class Golf

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